We’re Tengbom

Combining history and innovation, we use architecture to make the world a better place. 

Human centric

To us, architecture is a humble intersection of people, culture and society. Therefore we’re over 600 intellects, together creating new synergies for a sustainable society. 


We don’t just draw stuff. Our solutions are based on behavior analysis, data and an understanding of people and our common sphere. That’s where the magic happens. 


We don’t take lightly on our environmental impact. Throughout every detail, we care for our planet, wellbeing and future generations. 

Working with Tengbom

Tengbom´s business is always a collaboration or a partnership. Our methodology is based on curiosity and questioning. Only when we understand something, we can be innovative and pave the way forward.

“Instead of reminiscing of past times, a modern architect should adopt a wider stance – investigating the needs of society now and in the future.”
– Ivar Tengbom

Tengbom´s 592 employees are located in eleven locations in Sweden and Finland.

Tengbom´s projects covers many areas – from Architecture in a broad sense to Urban Planning andLandscape to Interior Design and much more. The latitude of our services as well as our expertise are represented within our portfolio.

Our CEO has the loudest ringtone in the office. Give her a call!
+46 8 410 354 81