When Alma met Fanny


On the 12th of March we flung open our doors and hearts to 90 happy, creative kids and their parents and families. Using milk cartons, pipe-cleaners, crayons, tissue paper and everything else you could possibly imagine they created The City of Children.

Fanny Ahnström and Tengbom architect Alma Jacobson with their works.
This is what happens when you mix creative kids, encouraging adults and a lot of fun materials.

As architects we help design houses, cities and whole societies and we thought: Why sit and wonder how kids, the grownups of tomorrow, would like to use their homes and hometowns in the future. Why not just ask them? And so we did. And we are blown away by the result! So many interesting ideas, fascinating solutions and weird and wonderful constructions. Together they make up the exhibition The City of Children.

Eight year old Fanny Ahnström made a super ambitious three part construction all in silver with royal blue liana for easier access between neighbours and friends. She believes these houses would help make the world a better and friendlier place. And is using architecture to make it happen.

Fanny with her houses and Alma’s visualization.

Alma Jacobson is one of our architects at Tengbom. She is also using architecture to make the world a better place. When Alma met Fanny it was a match made in heaven and Alma decided to visualize Fanny’s ideas in a more traditional way, but without losing the essence. There are still three houses, they are still in silver and the liana are still there. But the circular windows have grown into windows constructed like camera lenses, the stickers work like screens and the spherical forms on the roofs are in Alma’s interpretation advanced generators.

When an architect of the future, Fanny, and an architect of today, Alma, meet and discuss, anything is possible.