Are you our Digital Transformation Director?

Tengbom is currently seeking a Digital Transformation Director to spearhead our journey forwards and lead our digital development. With an entrepreneurial spirit, and a hands-on experience in the latest digital technology, you’ll carry Tengbom and its clients into places architects have never been. We believe that architecture is always about embracing the future, you’ll make sure we’re always the first practice to leave a footprint.

In 2016, Tengbom was rated the world’s fourth most innovative architecture firm by Fast Company. We see this as a reflection of our desire to lead the way in digitalising the architecture and construction sector. However, this goal requires the holistic involvement of the entire Tengbom concern. Reporting to Tengbom’s CEO, you’ll drive our technological advances and business development, as well as being our foremost spokesperson in this arena.

About the position

As Digital Transformation Director you will be responsible for the development and packaging of our digital products, services and methods within ArchTech & Future – our cutting-edge virtual studio and innovation hub. Together with our team, you’ll oversee the transformation of existing analogue and digital solutions and services within BIM, CODE and CGI among others, as well as identifying and creating new tools and processes which will act as the industry benchmark in years to come. You will be a true game changer. You will also lead the implementation of new and existing services, adopting automation packages and innovative platforms to free up internal resources. Marketing and selling these innovative products and services to new and existing clients is a key part of this role.

Over time, the results of your work and leadership will exert influence not only on our business but the architecture sector as a whole.

Responsibilities include:

  • Devise and drive the strategy for the development of Tengbom’s digital transformation.
  • Managing projects – packaging and implementing our new and existing digital services.
  • Market our digital solutions through curated activities and external channels.
  • Take managerial responsibility for ArchTech & Future (currently 15 people) as well as future recruitment.
  • Create long-term networks for selling our digital solutions.
  • Plan, implement and inspire the adoption of new digital methods within the organisation.
  • Streamline and simplify sustainable project management with internal and external participants.
  • Analyse the needs of the clients and the community in order to plan the company’s future development.

About you

It’s likely you’re already operating at the forefront of digital and technological innovation. Business intelligence and monitoring your extensive contact networks and news channels for important, relevant developments are central to your daily life. You’re at ease creating rational, data-backed strategies which engage stakeholders at all levels but never lose sight of the end user and how innovation can enhance their lives. You lift your inspiration from creative collaboration but are capable as a soloist, with an advanced working knowledge of systems, platforms and solutions – a full stack individual. Above all, you recognise how the right type of digital investment and development can boost architecture on all its levels.

Just like us, you believe in values-based leadership, a culture of constructive feedback and the power of collective intelligence. You cultivate long-term relationships with ease and thrive in the role of a manager, communicator and spokesperson. Thanks to your entrepreneurial instinct, you always stay focused on business – benefiting Tengbom and our clients alike. In your role as a project manager you are clear, organised, analytical and target-oriented.

You will be based in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö, depending on where you live.

We believe you…

  • Want to lead a crucial innovation process in a dynamic, progressive company.
  • Are a strategic and pedagogical leader with the ability and drive to work operationally.
  • Are interested in building strong teams and helping their co-workers to grow.
  • Have a major interest in digitalisation and technical innovation.
  • Have a previous experience of business development in a related sector.
  • Have probably served in a management position in a growth company, with experience of leading creative colleagues.
  • Have a documented experience of managing large projects.
  • Enjoys giving lectures and sharing their knowledge with others, both internally and externally.
  • Build strong, lasting relationships, forming networks and winning trust.

Are you the one we’re looking for?

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